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for a safer, more efficiacious and accessible AAV gene therapy

making gene therapy accessible

While being probably the most transformative change of therapy in centuries, allowing a genetic cure to disease and not just relieve of symptom, AAV based gene therapy is still only accessible for a fraction of the patients in need.

We want to change this and allow for addressing of previously
un-targeted indications and making it accesible to more patients.
Our vision is to innovate AAV bioproduction and provide a platform aimed at order of magnitudes improvement compared to state-of-art today.
We do this by combining expertise from experts of different areas aligning world-leading Swedish faculty within cellbiology, pharmacology, systems biology, neurology, drug discovery, industrial biotechnology, and mathematics with Swedish global commercial technology, service providers and biopharmaceutical companies to one goal – to enable the sustainable access to curative treatment by AAV for the patient. GeneNova is funded by partner companies and VINNOVA Sweden's innovation agency 2021-2026

Director Prof. Johan Rockberg KTH - contact us for more info
Genenova updates


Press release

GeneNova Press-release

Swedish academia and industry join forces to develop new platform for gene therapy. Download pressrelease here

Cell Reports paper published

Highly secreted proteins need more ATP, avoid stress and have particular ribosomes arrangement

Check out our recently published paper in Cell reports 

Metabolic engineering paper published

Lessons of proteins' way out of our cells guide improved cell lines

Some proteins produce better in HEK293 than CHO. We tried to learn from this to improve secretion of proteins in CHO. Check out our recently published paper in Metabolic engineering

Genenova partners

Participating organizations

Leaders in technology, hardware, software, services, education and research have teamed up to transform development of AAV-based gene therapies.

Key representatives
KTH - Royal Institute
of Technology

Scandinavia's leading provider of talent in technology. Expertise in protein engineering, AAV capsid engineering, cell line engineering, OMICS and continuous Bioprocess development, mathematics and machine learning.

Johan Rockberg
Veronique Chotteau
Magdalena Malm
Martin Ryner

Alfa Laval AB

World leader in gentle continuous separation. Expertise in development of centrifugation technology for bioprocess applications.

Peter Thorwid
Staffan Königsson

AstraZeneca AB

Global, science-led pharmaceutical business. Focus on novel innovative medicines and addressing of the most challenging diseases where there is high unmet medical needs.

Diane Hatton
Thomas Linke
Marcin Dembek
Fiona Cusdin

Biotage AB

Biotage is a Global Impact Tech Company committed to solving society’s problems. Experts in automation, plasmid preparation and dual-flow chromatography.

Olof Nord
Steve Burton
Ian Scanion

Combigene AB

Combigene is a leading Nordic gene therapy company. Expertise in downstream, processing, CMC and clinical development of gene therapies.

Sebastian Bauer
Annika Ericsson

Karolinska Insitutet

KI is Sweden’s largest centre of medical academic research and teaching. Expertise in cell specific gene expression and diseases of the brain.

Jens Hjerling-Leffler

Uppsala Universitet

Uppsala University is one of Swedens largest and oldest Universities. Experts of in vivo models for neurodegenerative disease and transporters of Blood-brain-barrier.

Greta Hultqvist

Vironova AB

Vironova is a world leading partner to the global life science community in the development of novel therapies. Providing instrumentation, software and the worlds first and only GMP certified electronmicroscopy facility for quality control of biologics. Experts in virology, machine learning and quality control.

Ida-Maria Sintorn
Martin Ryner

Ziccuum AB

Ziccum develops new dry powder preparations of biological pharmaceuticals. Experts in formulation, gentle air-drying through laminar pace technology.


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